Why You Need a Customer Advocate When You Go to the Cloud

If you’ve been reluctant to upgrade, the tech industry labels you a Luddite or “late adopter.” Instead, as we have learned through close working relationships with our clients, you’re probably quite eager to leverage new technology. What you’re quite understandably averse to is the burdensome processes and aggravation of onboarding.


The onboarding process doesn’t have to be such an aggravation but, as most of our new clients have affirmed, it’s why they waited so long. We were able to change their perspective on adopting new tech.


One of our clients quipped recently, after we migrated them to the cloud: “If I’d known it would be this smooth and easy, I’d have ditched our rotary phones a long time ago!”


We Don’t Pass You Off, We Get Our Hands Dirty


A while back at Gregg Communications, we put our heads together to identify what it is that seems to come through inherently in our customer service that our clients don’t experience elsewhere.


What we discovered is this:

Making technology adoption smooth and easy takes technical skill and experience, sure, but it also requires caring more deeply about the client’s success than the sale.


The reason most businesses have a negative experience with their upgrade is they are passed from the vendor from whom they purchased the phone system to a manufacturer who actually does the system implementation. What’s worse is they get passed off to a novice project manager who may or may not have ever completed an onboarding and certainly doesn’t have years of experience.


What you need is a “Big Brother who sees you through the purchase, implementation and beyond and, if you find yourself at a sticking point, jumps in beside you and boosts you out.


White Gloves or Work Gloves, It’s About Being a Big Brother


Through our everyday approach to supporting cloud phone systems and our continual study of what leads to success and satisfaction, we created our Big Brother service to provide clients with the absolute best in support, advocacy and facilitation. We’ve included everything necessary to make getting a new phone system smooth and easy. Some clients have called it a white-glove service. We think of it more like putting on work gloves.


Here’s what our Big Brother service includes:



Your Gregg Communications advocate participates in all of your calls and interactions with the phone system manufacturer and, between calls, proactively engages you and supports each step in the onboarding process.



Our technical team knows each and every product we sell inside and out. So, whenever there’s doubt, uncertainty or the beginning of a hiccup, your Gregg Communications advocate will bring in our experts. As you can imagine, this is a much more personal experience than being passed among departments (and continents) by the manufacturer.



Phone manufacturers often offer to “train the trainer” at your company and leave it at that. While the name suggests that it builds your capacity, these “train the trainer” programs are usually a cost-cutting measure. We believe in training the end user directly because it has several benefits:

·         We observe and ensure that every team member comprehends and performs best practices

·         Each individual has the opportunity to ask questions

·         Our responses to those questions generate discussion that better enable us to configure the platform to your business’ specific needs and workflow



We make sure you get every last ounce of performance and the full value of the product you purchased. For example, in the case of an outage or if the manufacturer misses a deadline, we leverage our relationship with the manufacturer to get you additional technical support or compensation for lost productivity.


Migrate Your Phone System to the Cloud and Get a Big Brother for Free


Our Big Brother service is a great value, but it’s especially a good bang for your buck when you migrate your phone system to the cloud. That’s because you receive our superior support and advocacy, and it doesn’t come out of your pocket. It comes out of the vendor’s pocket.


You have a Big Brother on your side which means there’s no longer any reason to delay upgrading your phone system. Give us a call (630-706-8222) or email us, and we’ll make sure it’s smooth and easy for you!