What Innovation Really Means When Choosing a Phone for Your Business

You can probably remember a time not so long ago when your business spent more time doing business than technology. Unfortunately, as your business has grown and the universe of communications solutions has proliferated, those days of focusing on your business may seem like a fond and distant memory.


It shouldn’t.


In fact, we hear this theme from many of the business owners who come to Gregg Communications looking for a mature, innovative, strategic partner. They say their different locations or departments seem to operate disjointedly despite – or more likely because of – some new technology solution they recently implemented to improve collaboration.


Then, in conducting our review of a new client’s systems and business processes, we most often find that the problems occurred because the IT department or former communications provider had goals that were different than the business had set for itself.


What’s New at Gregg Communications: Cloud-Based Business Phone Solutions


We have thrived for 52 successful years within the constantly evolving and disruption-loving tech industry for one reason above all else: we are 100% committed to the goal of solving our clients’ challenges.


1.    Working with several industry-leading manufacturers

Clients often come to us hoping that their existing system can be made to work the way it was promised, and yet they are also so frustrated that they want to scrap it entirely and migrate to something else. This usually happens because their previous provider was dedicated to a specific vendor’s platform; whereas our allegiance is to solving your problems and ensuring you have the best phone solution for your organization.


We have relationships with several best-in-class cloud-based and on-premise phone vendors. We might be best known for our support of Mitel and ShoreTel on-premise and cloud-based phone solutions, but we also offer and support a number of other industry-leading solutions.


Our cloud-based business phone solutions include:

                                          i.    Mitel MiCloud Connect unified communications

                                         ii.    RingCentral phone systems

                                        iii.    8x8 phone systems and contact centers

                                       iv.    NICE InContact contact centers

                                        v.    Genesys contact centers

                                       vi.    Intellisys  

                                      vii.    Star2Star

                                     viii.    Vertical communications



By offering our clients a broader selection, we’re able to ensure that every customer gets solutions to meet their needs.


2.    Listening to you and understanding your business processes

Upstart communications providers often recommend a technology solution solely based on its specs or their limited partnerships. They ignore how the solution will – or won’t – work with established workflow, needs and objectives. Even the coolest, newest and seemingly greatest technology isn’t necessarily the best fit for your organization.


One of our clients recently was convinced by their managed IT provider that moving to a cloud phone solution would be their silver bullet. When we laid out the pros and cons as they specifically related to their business operations, it was immediately clear that an on-premise setup was more cost-effective and practical.


3.    Adopting only proven innovation

In the rush to get to market, developers are often triaging bugs and fixes before the product launches and schedule remaining fixes for release after the launch.


One company in our peer group found they were billing clients for hundreds of hours of troubleshooting and patching that could have been entirely avoided if they had scheduled the onboarding for just a few months after the release of a new solution.


That’s not how we treat our clients.


Our approach is to adopt innovations once they are proven reliable, safe and stable.


A Mature Approach to Cutting-Edge Innovation

Each platform on the market has different capabilities, compatibilities, workflow requirements and new product release schedules. This amounts to a technology ecosystem that is confusing enough on its own without discovering that your communications provider is learning as you bungle along.


Instead, our team of dedicated professionals is certified in the on-premise and cloud-based platforms from all the leading manufacturers. That professionalism also means we will never lead you into the tech wilderness by chasing after the latest and greatest before we have vetted and investigated it – on our own time. This confirms that it’s ready to solve problems, not create new ones.


We know that innovation doesn’t mean a solution. We’d rather identify the best tool for what your business is trying to accomplish rather than have you acquire a playground of toys while your team digs in the sand.


This problem-solving approach has built long, trusting, fruitful partnerships with our clients. And, it’s the results-oriented attitude toward innovation that continues to place Gregg Communications at the leading edge of the sphere within the tech industry.