Why Gregg Communications Has the Best Customer Support

You might be surprised to know that we take one thing more seriously than our customers – and that’s our employees! Call it our Southwest Airlines mentality, but we think the better we take care of our employees, the better we take care of our customers – and it shows in our results! Over recent years, among ShoreTel vendors, we remained one of the top service departments with:

  •          Retention rate – 99-100%

  •          94% of our clients sign on for maintenance agreements with us

  •          Taking over maintenance for over 40 clients who were unhappy with their last vendor’s


  •          We have an externally verified net promoter score of 92%

Clearly, our customer service is unmatched. So, what’s the secret behind our stellar results?

We sat down with Karen Wilson, Chief Operations Officer (and recently, a first-time grandma!), to find out what’s the secret sauce of Gregg Communications’ service team. Here’s what she shared:

q: what makes gregg communications’ customer service the best in chicago?

This might seem cliché, but it’s our culture. We know skills are important, but it’s more important that our technicians are a fit with how we see customer service.

Our motto is E3 : Experience Excellence from Experts. We talk about this internally and how we can make this the experience of all our clients. When one of our team is complimented from a customer, I make sure the rest of the company knows about it and share that they’re modeling E3. 

Our employees are treated really well, and we have a lot of fun here. We believe that by giving our employees the recognition they deserve and a fun place to come to work, they’ll take good care of our customers. And, we see that in their tenure. The average tenure of our tech team is 14 years. Management’s tenure is 24 years on average. And clearly, our customers are very happy.


q. your net promoter score is 93.21% - how did you get so good?

We like to maintain good relationships with our clients. When they call, we know who they are. We work to earn their trust and let them know t we are there for them. I always reach out to see how clients are doing. Tom Rickert, (co-owner and CEO) handwrites letters to clients, and account managers meet with their clients frequently in person.

Not only that, but we know they want options. Our customers can trust that we’re looking at the best solution for them. For instance, we’re one of the most experienced Chicago-area partners when it comes to Call Centers. We offer a few different cloud solutions and hybrid models, and we offer Mutare voice to text and call recording and management – we’re not just a phone dealer and our customers appreciate that.

q. what kind of certification do you require your technicians to have?

I’ll tell you – it’s not just about certifications though those are important. It takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Here, we’ve racked up 364,000 hours learning the industry, our products, and the challenges our clients are faced with. We’ve seen everything and that’s where the real expertise comes from. All our technicians have dozens of certifications. And, we have something that isn’t that common: redundancy. We don’t have any technician as the sole person certified in any product or solution.


experience excellence from experts

We make it a point to make our clients happy. That’s our E 3 motto. We take exceptional care of our employees and our clients. That’s why we’ve got excellent tenure and a team that’s friendly and responsive no matter what time you contact us. Finally, we must be doing something right because we’ve been in business for 50 years and have amassed real expertise and some outstanding customer satisfaction. If your phone provider isn’t cutting it, we’re happy to help.

How happy are you with your phone provider? Contact Gregg Communications and learn how  we can make you smile again.