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About Gregg

Since 1967, Gregg Communications has specialized in helping businesses improve communication and customer service, while dramatically increasing employee productivity. Through our approach to service, we:

  • Analyze the needs of our client

  • Give thoughtful, expert recommendations

  • Deliver the latest telephone system solutions with training

  • Provide ongoing support

Gregg's mission is to help our clients enhance communication, especially areas that are bottom-line critical — interaction with customers. Gregg has earned an outstanding reputation throughout the industry by representing the leading manufacturers and combining award-winning products with the creativity and dedication of Gregg’s employees. Every year, our talented group helps Gregg continue to earn recognition for excellent service from customers, suppliers and fellow distributors.

Gregg's vision is simple

Our employees understand the significance of delivering excellence to customers. We call this “e3”:

Our customers, coworkers and suppliers will experience excellence from experts on every interaction.

e3 is what our employees strive to assure in every interaction with our customers and suppliers. Gregg Communications views the installation of a telecommunications system as a process, not an end result. As you approach this critical decision, Gregg looks forward to demonstrating what “e3” means for you.

  • Customer experience is a pivotal component of success for any company in the service industry. Gregg Communication’s customers benefit on an ongoing basis from the unwavering resolve of Gregg’s team to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Our customers have found that these profound words capture the essence of who we are and what we do at Gregg Communications.

  • Gregg has earned acknowledgement, by our customers, suppliers and our peers, as an elite expert in our field. This enables us to exceed our customers’ expectations for the quality of the products and services that we provide.

Since 1967, from the leading manufacturers we have chosen to represent, to the services and support we have provided, exceptional quality has guided every aspect of our relationship with our customers. As a result, Gregg has been recognized for outstanding support of our customers, including a Net Promoter Score Customer Satisfaction rating of 93.69.

With Gregg Communications, you know what you're getting. That is why the Telecommunications Manager at one of the largest banks in Chicago described Gregg Communications as "the standard by which all others are judged".

Why choose Gregg

What truly distinguishes Gregg from the competition is the expertise and experience of our people. No one in the industry offers what Gregg does.

  • We sell and support the world's leading VoIP telephone systems

  • Ranked in the top 1% of ShoreTel Partners world-wide for customer satisfaction

  • Devoted to telephone call processing since 1967

  • Thousands of telephone system installations, including over 800 Call Center systems

  • Acknowledged reputation for excellent ongoing customer support

  • Multiple manufacturing resources to offer creative, customized solutions

  • Gregg supplies the highest quality hardware and software solutions

  • We've never missed a customer’s cutover date

  • Unmatched industry experience with average tenure:

    • 24.6 years for our management team

    • 19.0 years for our sales representatives

    • 13.7 years for our technical staff

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Gregg's Call Center Installations

Nationwide Coverage

Gregg Communications is well known throughout the United States for its ability to coordinate and support the installations of even the most complex communications systems all across the country. This includes the installation of over 800 call centers, which are reflected on the map to the right.

Over the years, Gregg has done a significant amount of this national account business. In fact, Gregg has been the number one dealer in the nation for national account sales for most of the manufacturers that we have represented.


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[Gregg] provides great customer service and are very responsive to questions and issues that arise.
— Jane Klenck, Firm Administrator, Varga Berger Ledsky Hayes & Casey, Attorneys at Law