fully integrated end-to-end solutions

Gregg and Star2Star Communications

Star2Star offers the only fully integrated end-to-end Internet-based phone solution for small and mid-sized businesses. They:

  • Manufacture the system hardware

  • Provide the telephone service

  • Track and manage all aspects of the system, network and call quality.

This all-in-one approach delivers a perfect blend of system features, call quality, reliability and savings. For example, consider StarBackup, their exclusive six-way backup feature that includes: 

  • Triple redundant internet connections

  • Redundant phone carriers

  • Analog line switchover

  • Automatic call forwarding if office loses power

  • Data center bypass

  • Redundant self-swapping switching equipment at the data center

This results in the only Internet phone solution vendor able to guarantee 99.9% reliability. 

Other phone system manufacturers and the phone service carriers may claim to provide "Business Grade Internet Phone Service" but none can provide the quality and reliability of Star2Star because no other vendor controls both ends of the call path. With its hosted architecture and onsite PBX, Star2Star exclusively offers its Automatic 6-way Backup that assures your business calls will get through every time.

A unique approach to VoIP

Up until now, there have been three ways to implement VoIP for small and medium businesses:

  • Traditional Phone Service and Third Party PBX

  • PBX Manufacturer with Third Party Phone Service

  • Hosted PBX with VoIP Phone Service

In 2006, Star2Star’s engineers looked at the then-current VoIP landscape and saw an opportunity. Each of the existing approaches to VoIP had at least one major shortcoming. Star2Star’s solution blends on-site hardware with off-site hosted application servers in a secure data center.

Building a unified system for you

This blended architecture approach to VoIP requires a different business model than competitive systems. Instead of selling PBX systems, IP phones or VoIP service, Star2Star sells all three in one unified system. The entire system is reliable, self-monitoring, flexible and easy to use — while providing advanced features and cost savings they expect from a VoIP system.

Star2Star includes features businesses expect from a high-end PBX system but without extra fees. Features include:

  • Unlimited voice mail

  • Auto-attendants

  • Automated call distribution

  • Ring groups

The Star2Star architecture is well suited for businesses with many locations, or with many off-campus users.

What's different about Star2Star?

VoIP is all about standards. So, how can one VoIP system be different from the others?  The Star2Star system uses industry-standard components and protocols and is standards compliant. But Star2Star provides users with an end-to-end, managed and monitored system. 

Their unique business model means that Star2Star customers have:

  • One provider

  • One monthly bill

  • One number to call for service

Star2Star did not create a new business model just to be different. They did it because it is the only way to guarantee a seamless, “it just works” experience for every customer. 

The StarBox on-premise PBX, the IP telephone sets and the VoIP telephone service are all integrated. Star2Star controls and monitors all elements of each customer’s system. 

Dramatic savings with Star2Star  

The typical Star2Star customer reduce their phone bill, thanks to:

  • Unlimited domestic calling

  • Unlimited office-to-office calling

  • Reduced international rates

Most customers save money on their monthly phone bills, even when you factor in the cost of the phone system lease!

Most of Star2Star’s competitors' products are designed to be more expensive than traditional telephone service. This is due in large part to their having to pay license fees and royalties that allow them to use other companies' technology. At Star2Star, they own their superior technology and don't have to pay anyone to use it. The result: You get better phone service with better features at a better price.

One solution for many locations

If your business has multiple locations, you'll save even more money thanks to a unique Star2Star feature called line pooling. Star2Star’s VoIP "lines" are virtual circuits between a client's hosted PBX and our call center. With Star2Star, clients order as many lines as they expect to need on a peak basis — for all of their business locations, combined. They can even add extra circuits "on the fly" to handle seasonal or unexpected traffic increases.

Accurate pricing quote from Gregg

Exact system pricing depends on a wide range of variables. Gregg Communications can provide you with an accurate quote based on a brief on-site interview. The first thing we will need is your existing phone bill. So dig out the bill and contact us.

Star2Star Customer Success Stories

The Star2Star complete end-to-end phone system has powerful features that help us do business better. From the easy installation process that just took a few hours to the actual daily usage of the phone system, we have found that Star2Star consistently delivers on their promise to provide next generation capabilities and reliable connections at unprecedented savings.
— Pat Doyle, CEO and Owner, The More Space Place
Until we discovered Star2Star we couldn’t find a service provider that offered personalized 24-hour monitoring of our business phone system. Within a few months of using the Star2Star Phone System lightning struck our building and we got to see firsthand that Star2Star can deliver on what they promise. The monitoring response team arrived quickly and the disaster recovery plan activated without a hitch so we still had a working phone system.
— M. Jane DiGirolomo, Regional Manager, Mango Bay Management, LLC
We operate much more as a close-knit unit now. We can answer incoming calls across all three time zones with no additional personnel, and our customers really like being able to reach us almost any time.
— George Harmon, Controller Billhorn Converters

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