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Testimonials from Gregg Customers

"Your team has been outstanding, you guys really have a top notch staff who are always willing to go above and beyond for us (and I’m sure all of your customers). I especially appreciate your team’s efforts with our ShoreTel upgrade. They were extremely responsive with any questions or concerns we had leading up to the upgrade and then pushed through the night (3am to be exact!) and successfully upgraded our entire ShoreTel production system. That Monday after go-live we had 0 issues! My boss (Director of IT) even got a compliment from our president on how smooth the upgrade went. I also received comments from our VP of Technical Services (who oversees our technical support call center) and Director of customer care (who oversees our customer relations call center) on how impressed they were that there was not even a single issue. I do also appreciate your monitoring this project for us and escalating any issues we have right away!"

- Mike James, Mitsubishi

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“I really appreciate your support and collaboration. You are an outstanding business partner!”

- Eric Frey, Fay Servicing

"Gregg Communications has a very well thought out plan for implementation. Furthermore, they execute it perfectly. Their staff is very professional and pays attention to the customer from day one. Their experience allows for implementations to go according to plan. I truly believe that when I recommend someone or a company that they are a reflection of me. With Gregg Communications, I have never had a reservation when it comes to referring them."

- Anthony Dizonno, Systems Administrator, Acme Alliance, LLC

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"We recently moved our phone service (multiple regional offices and a virtual call center) between carriers as well as switched to SIP. With Gregg’s help this complicated move was flawless. They are even better than their reputation indicates.

We rely on Gregg for all our telecomm needs and their technical support of our ShoreTel phone system along with various bolt-ons has been outstanding. We trust them to keep our call center operations streamlined and running at peak efficiency. There is no question that Gregg is one of our most trusted and experienced partners.

Gregg’s technical staff is the best we’ve ever worked with in support of our ShoreTel system. Every issue we’ve encountered has been dealt with quickly and effectively. Their staff is simply outstanding - extremely knowledgable, always available and quickly gets the job done. That’s service at its best."

- Tom Ostler, IT Manager, Utilities, Inc.

Our decision to move ahead with Gregg Communications and ShoreTel was one of the easiest ones our organization has ever made in the technology area. Gregg's experience in the legal market was clearly evident in the staff's ability to professionally and logically guide us through the implementation process. Their emphasis on customer support and satisfaction went a long way in making our professionals feel comfortable with ShoreTel.”

- Laura Thompson, Office Administrator at Gould & Ratner LLP

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Gregg Communications epitomizes the very best in a technology vendor. They offer a consultative sales model which focuses on the true needs of the client. They bring years of experience and expertise to the engagement, and most importantly they have tremendous integrity. I would unreservedly recommend their firm without qualification.”

- Tim Mather, Managing Principal & Chief Technology Officer, PMA Consultants LLC

We are a technically complex organization, given our line of business in financial services. We threw a number of technical curveballs at Gregg because of security restrictions on our network, some of which were escalated (and new issues) to ShoreTel and required extra time and assistance to resolve. While we had a few challenges with our implementation, I can’t imagine a better or more responsive vendor to have worked with to get our system up and running. While it was a good decision to have selected ShoreTel for a new system, I believe it was an even better decision for us to select Gregg for our implementation. They spent the time and did what was needed to overcome the technical obstacles we threw at them. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a new system.”

- Tom Kane, Executive Vice President, Illinois Credit Union League Service Corporation

"Our planning and migration was so successful I have yet to hear a complaint from anyone in our firm. They are responsive in every form and I am definitely happy to work with a company that values customer service first.

Gregg communications is very thorough and accurate in pinpointing every need we have including any upcoming needs."

- Roberto Garcia, Laner Muchin Dombrow Becker Levin & Tominberg Ltd

We selected Gregg Communications and have been absolutely delighted with their professionalism, preparedness, and guidance on getting everything ready for the change over. They have exceeded our expectations on every level from their technical expertise to their people training. They worked with us to propose exactly what we needed rather than what would necessarily bring them the biggest payoff! We had an excellent contact for sales, and the Project Manager was superb in organizing our installation project. We even slipped them extra work by changing our carrier at the same time, and they managed that equally well.”

- Pierre Gregoire, Library Director, Frankfort Public Library District

"I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the team work and the incredible effort during this migration. I am sure that we have all been involved in these ventures before. This is by far, the most comprehensive I have seen given all the variables involved. Not just standing up a call center but the training, the facilities, the network, the incidentals of everyday work life and so on and all that involves. I have migrated to new phone systems before but never while trying to move to a new location also!

And for me, clearly the fastest. Do you realize we did it in 45 days? The whole move and migration in 45 days. That's amazing given you can't even procure a switch now in less than 90!

On behalf of myself and the entire Bedford team, thank you for taking the time out of your lives to travel here, the time here onsite and the late hours. Mary can attest to the energy and I the rejuvenation of our agents. Most of all, I want to thank you again for the team effort which led to such a smooth transition."

- David Fields, Valence Health

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“I think it’s no coincidence that Gregg Communications is having a record year in sales. Your reputation, your business practices, and your commitment to customer satisfaction are exemplary. I consider it an honor to be working with you and Gregg Communications.”

- Mike Schmidtmann, Trans4mers LLC

“Gregg does a great job proactively contacting me about potential issues with my ShoreTel environment. They provide prompt service and support to my issues and they keep me up to date with new solutions that may be of use to my organization.”

- Robin Ross, American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the "uneventful" transition to the new phone system. A special thanks to your personnel for their training efforts and hands-on work with our staff, especially our receptionist team. Our teams were very receptive to the change and your team's Day One work contributed significantly to that.”              

- Dan Iantorno, Allant Group

"Thank you so much for encouraging me to get this new phone system! I have been so wow'd with the project management, and the techs and sales people have been awesome and so responsive. I didn't realize what a difference our phone system can make on our business, nor how excited my team would be with it. Everyone feels so grown up, and I have heard people say "we're in the big time" now. :-)"

- Sandy Marsico, Founder & CEO at Sandstorm


We love the service and value we receive at Gregg Communication, plain and simple. You guys have been so easy to work with, your workers have always been friendly and responsive, and you have always been there for us whenever we have needed you.”

- Dani Nichols, Vice President at NAPCO, Ltd.

"Having grown over 85 years to one of the nation's leading florists, we needed a state-of-the-art communications system. ShoreTel improved our handling of customer calls into the Contact Center, gave our distribution center and ten Chicago-area branches uniform station equipment for the varying needs of our users, and added far more features than our previous systems at a lower monthly cost."

- Jim Phillip, Chairman & CIO, Phillip's/1-800-FLORALS

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"We feel that ShoreTel is a superior product and that Gregg is both an expert on installation and set up, and provides excellent service."

- Sally Mendoza, Bryce Downey & Lenkov, LLC

"Gregg's products are great and the ability to have more control of adding and removing people/lines really is a plus. Customer service has also been excellent."

- Brian Schoepke, HDI Global Insurance Company

"Gregg is very prompt in addressing our VoIP issues. Further, their team is very knowledgeable regarding the support of our system."

- Laurence Barron, Anselmo Lindberg and Oliver, LLC

"They provide great customer service and are very responsive to questions and issues that arise."

- Jane Klenck, Firm Administrator, Varga Berger Ledsky Hayes & Casey, Attorneys at Law

"They provide great customer service and are very responsive to questions and issues that arise."

- Jane Klenck, Firm Administrator, Varga Berger Ledsky Hayes & Casey, Attorneys at Law

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"Each improvement or feature that allows an opportunity for better customer service is definitely worthwhile. The ShoreTel system allows us to concentrate on creating the most innovative and unique designs suitable for specific occasions and to not worry about the technical end of our phone call. We find the caller ID feature extremely helpful as sometimes before we answer the phone we know which customer is calling and can even have their history up before we start speaking...impressed? Yes, they usually are."

 - Sue Rice, Contact Center Manager, Phillip's/1-800-FLORALS

"Great Customer service and exceptional desire to outperform!" 

- Brian O'Donnell, OSG

“Timely response to issues, good customer service”

- Tamara Maske-Leonard, Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

“They are very sensitive to your needs and respond in a timely fashion.”

- Lynette Peel, Julie Inc

"Gregg is easy to access, responsive and provides excellent service to resolve problem issues and actually do follow up to make sure everything is working okay."

- Bill Heffernan, Employee Resource Systems

"Gregg has excellent customer service and tech support, timely call backs and follow ups."

- Jordan Peloquin, Meeting Tomorrow

"When we installed out ShoreTel system, we felt like we went from the Flintstones to the Jetsons in one day!"

- Scott Nicholson, President, Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc.


“I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the years. Our ShoreTel system has grown exponentially and I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

Kevin Debelak, Evolent Health

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We had a problem with getting the username and password for the MySQL server on the ShoreTel server.  We needed this because our SQL programmer has built in the past a program that lets the user insert a phone number and it shows all the calls associated with that number for a date range.

You had called me with the correct information and I want to thank you very much for your time and your expertise with the ShoreTel software.

 You are the best and our programmer said if you were close, he would give you a big kiss.  I am not going to do that for you so you need to ask him if you are interested.  LOL!  Just kidding!

 Again, thanks Dave, this is why we decided to stay with Gregg Communications.  You saved this company from a collapsed server with no backup.

 Excellent job! 

- Frank Kasper, Transit Administrative Center