communications designed for ease

Gregg Technical Services

Most of the communications solutions that Gregg offers have been designed from the ground up for management ease.

Even easy-to-use solutions need support

Many of our customers have found the programming simple enough to perform most day-to-day activities. However, Gregg is committed to supporting these systems on an ongoing basis. We provide the hands-on help you need, when you need it.

Dedicated support, 24/7

Expert support is available 24/7 from our dedicated and talented staff. Many issues can be resolved remotely, which helps to increase system available time. In those instances where on-site support is needed, Gregg personnel are available for expeditious dispatch.  

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to see how Gregg can help you with your technical support needs. 

Gregg Communications has a very well thought out plan for implementation. Furthermore, they execute it perfectly. Their staff is very professional and pays attention to the customer from day one.
— Anthony Dizonno, Systems Administrator at Acme Alliance, LLC