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The Genesys customer experience platform is designed to boost measurable improvement of KPIs such as Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, and conversion. Our solutions also give you the ability to meet more traditional call center metrics, including first contact resolution, average handling time, employee occupancy, transfer rate, and more.

PureCloud platform 

PureCloud is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and employee collaboration solution that’s intuitive, easy to use and quick to deploy. Designed to help your business deliver a consistent, seamless and personalized next-generation customer experience, PureCloud is the innovation engine for the Genesys Customer Experience Platform portfolio.

PureCloud includes the following features to give you a competitive advantage:

  • Remote availability and uptime

  • Secure integration

  • Lightning-fast deployment

  • Simple and flexible subscription terms

  • Global capabilities

  • Complete omnichannel routing

  • Outbound interactions

  • Real-time supervision 

PureConnect solution

Genesys offers an omnichannel solution designed for both cloud and on-premise deployment that is part of PureConnect—an all-in-one communications platform for multichannel customer service, unified communications and business process automation.

Digital channels such as email, web chat and SMS are installed with PureConnect—simply add a license to install a new channel. A native mobile application software development kit is available, as are packaged integrations to all major CRM solutions, social media monitoring solutions and video chat.


Businesses choose the capabilities they need today and easily add to them in the future:

  • Universal queue                                   

  • Intelligent routing

  • E-mail

  • Web chat

  • SMS

  • Mobile

  • Social media customer service

PureEngage solution

For cloud and hybrid deployments, PureEngage leverages Amazon Web Services, ensuring global high availability and unlimited scalability. Customer experience is the ultimate business differentiator, and omnichannel engagement is its foundation. By bridging all customer touchpoints, omnichannel engagement gives you insight into every customer’s intent, history, and preferences, and can be used to identify the best action to take next. PureEngage is the only true omnichannel customer engagement platform for delivering superior experiences.

PureEngage helps solve business challenges in six ways:

  • Global visibility of all customer interactions

  • Hyper-personalized routing

  • Proactive customer engagement

  • Consistent workforce management

  • Open API’s

  • Unlimited global scalability


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