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Vertical Communications is a leading provider of telephone systems and applications to business customers worldwide. With a focus on delivering application-rich, affordable VoIP systems to small and medium businesses, Vertical Communications is an innovator in delivering high-value voice applications that enable businesses to be more productive and dramatically reduce costs.

About Vertical Communications — A Long History of Market Leadership and Innovation

In 2004, Comdial, Vodavi, Artisoft and Vertical Networks combined to form Vertical Communications. The legacy of all these companies goes back over 100 years to the beginning of telephony. Vertical has a large customer base across North America and in International markets. Gregg Communications has been a partner in the Vertical Communications family since 1990. That is when Gregg began selling and supporting Comdial systems. We have served on the Partner Advisory Council for both Comdial and Vertical.

Proven Products

Vertical Communications offers a complete range of high-value, industry-leading business communications solutions. These solutions allow customers to cost-effectively adapt and expand communications infrastructure as they grow. A significant advantage of the Vertical product line is that new platforms are compatible with existing telephone instruments from Comdial (going back to the 1990s). Users can migrate to and enjoy the latest technology without having to replace these telephone instruments. This results in a huge savings for these users.

Vertical Wave IP 2500

Vertical Wave IP 2500 system is a single solution for:

One server to deploy, manage, administer, and power, means dramatically lower ongoing costs of ownership and support. Vertical Wave IP 2500™ is the industry’s first comprehensive IP PBX with the unique all Applications Inside™ one-box architecture. Included one-box capabilities:

  • ViewPoint: Call handling software to easily place and transfer calls and manage contacts with drag-and-drop simplicity

  • Visual Voicemail

  • Unified Messaging: Users manage email and voicemail messages through a single desktop interface, such as Microsoft Outlook

  • Presence Management: Confirm a colleague's availability before initiating a call or conference

  • Call Recording

  • Auto Attendant

Additional Vertical Wave IP 2500 specific tools include: 

  • Wave Global Administrator: Intuitive Web-based management tool.

  • Wave Client API: Integrate ViewPoint with 3rd party enterprise applications – CRM, billing, and more

  • Wave Call Classifier: Automatically profiles and routes calls based on caller data

  • Wave Contact Center & Reporter: Optimized for any business unit that interacts with customers such as technical support, inside sales and customer service

  • Wave Voice Server: Voice XML IVR platform offering inbound and outbound dialing capabilities

  • WaveNet: Connect and collaborate across all your site


Vertical SBX IP320

Introduced in 2008, and a winner of a TMC Labs Innovation Award, Vertical SBX IP320 simplifies VoIP. It provides an affordable but advanced phone system for small businesses. Offering unsurpassed flexibility in delivering both traditional and IP telephony, SBX IP 320 includes a host of advanced features:

  • Desktop integration

  • Softphone

  • Networking over IP

  • Remote management

These factors all contribute to its immediate marketplace success. The system can accommodate up to 32 users and multiple sites, so you enjoy pay-as-you-grow scalability. 

Vertical Comdial

Vertical Comdial products offer small to large size organizations affordable, reliable telephony solutions. 

The DX-120 system is a key system designed for smaller organizations and provides sophisticated telecommunications features in an affordable, easy-to-use and scalable solution. 

The FX II and MP5000 systems are converged PBX systems for medium-sized organizations that need flexible, scalable and reliable telephony solutions with VoIP capabilities.

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