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Gregg and Our Partners

Since 1967, Gregg has aligned itself with the leading telecommunications developers in the world. The commitment has resulted in an outstanding reputation throughout the Chicago area and the entire industry for forming enduring partnerships with our clients, suppliers and employees. We combine the creativity and dedication of our employees with these amazing, award-winning products. This results in our customers benefitting from truly “world-class” total unified communications solutions.

Working with Gregg and Mitel (formerly ShoreTel)

Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) is the leading provider of VoIP telephone systems, and Gregg Communications is the first ShoreTel Partner in the Chicago area to be a ShoreTel Certified Gold Champion Partner. We are also the first in the Chicago area to be Contact Center/Call Center Certified. By working together with ShoreTel, we have been able to provide organizations with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

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Careful solution selection for assured success

We are very particular in our selection process, which assures our clients that their systems will continue to provide the benefits they expect for many years. In fact, over the years, our customers have thanked us as much for the products we chose not to bring them as for those that we did. Gregg has installed thousands of business telephone systems throughout the country. This installed base includes over 800 Call Centers, providing us with call processing expertise that is available nowhere else in the country.

Our other partners

Gregg works with a wide variety of providers in order to build the best options for our clients. Learn more about them: 

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