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8x8, Inc. is the trusted provider of secure and reliable enterprise cloud communications solutions to more than 45,000 businesses operating in over 100 countries across six continents. 8x8’s out-of-the-box cloud solutions replace traditional on-premises PBX hardware and software-based systems with a flexible and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative, encompassing cloud business phone service, contact center solutions, and conferencing.

X Series Platform 

The X Series platform provides:

  • An easy transition from collaboration to phone to video

  • Full context with every interaction

  • Centralized team messaging with all platforms

  • Data analytics on every employee and customer interaction

  • Supervisor enablement and agent feedback

  • Intelligent interaction between employees and customers 


Team Messaging

Real-time team communication that scales from small to large teams.

  • One experience for voice, messaging and meetings

    • Unified desktop and mobile experience to enable collaboration from anywhere on any device

  • Company-wide instant access for all employees

  • Universal enabling all message apps to work as one within and across companies

    • Enables real-time interoperability to share content and collaborate across messaging platforms

  • Works with Slack, Hangouts, Skype and 20+ other apps



Meet Now. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing. All platforms now support up to 100 participants.

8x8 Meetings provide:

  • Department-wide meetings (all hands meetings, weekly calls)

  • Ability to work with external vendors and partners

  • Lightweight webinars

  • Every day team meetings


Contact Center

With the 8x8 contact center solution, all customer interactions are managed within a single intuitive agent desktop. Customer history is instantly available to an agent when a contact arrives, to give the agent the context needed to address the current question or inquiry.

All customer interactions are enabled via a single agent desktop interface:

  • Voice

  • E-mail

  • Web chat

  • Facebook and Twitter 

Analytics identify customer wait and abandon times. You will know:

  • How many customers are waiting

  • Longest wait time for each queue

  • How many hangups while waiting


To deliver a customer experience your competitors can’t match, you need insight into your customer’s journey. What happens when a customer contacts your business? With 8x8 you now have a step-by-step view of the caller's journey. You can see a view of:

  • IVR selections

  • Holds

  • Transfers

  • Talk times

  • Post call survey

  • Exit point 


Security and Compliance  

Any enterprise product or service must meet or exceed existing customer security and compliance requirements. From the beginning, 8x8 has prioritized security and compliance certifications to meet the needs of companies in all industries. 8x8 is in compliance with the following:

  • Cloud Security Alliance                                        


  • PCI


  • SIP over TLS and SRTP

  • Safe Harbor data privacy standards

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