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Gregg Training

Gregg has been working closely with its clients to develop end user training since 1967. We put together a training program that is developed specifically for each installation so that it is more meaningful for senior executives, managers, telephone users and system administrative personnel.

Training unlocks system benefits

Training is essential to allow customers to receive the full benefits that the system has to offer. Therefore, Gregg develops a complete training program to ensure that personnel are fully trained on customer-specific features of the system. Our training program compares what was in place with what the end users are now getting. This allows the end users to clearly understand the benefits of the new communications system. 

Experience on-site training sessions

Gregg further assists with the training process by conducting extensive training sessions on the customer site immediately prior to cutover. For VoIP telephone users, these sessions normally last about one and one-quarter hours each and are structured so that the employees are trained to use the actual telephone instrument that will be installed at their desk (not just one that will look like their phone). 

In these sessions, the users are also instructed in the operation of the voice mail system, and in many cases, by the end of the training session, users will already have set up their voice mail boxes, or will be capable of doing that easily, following the excellent tutorial on the voice mail system.

Client-specific materials for ongoing reference

Contact center/call center supervisors are provided with the additional training, covering call flow design and programming, agent and skill set programming, agent monitoring and coaching and real time display and historical reporting capabilities.

System administrators are given instruction on system programming and troubleshooting techniques.

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