What the ShoreTel Acquisition by Mitel Means to Your Business

The very foundation of running a business is to believe in the product you are offering. That's why we, along with 40,000 end-user companies worldwide, are proud to be in a “true” partnership with ShoreTel.

Gregg's partnership with ShoreTel has helped the company grow in the telecommunications industry by offering services that put value for its customers and a commitment to staying at the top of the industry a priority.

Since 2005, Gregg Communications has been a ShoreTel Partner, and was the first ShoreTel Partner in the Chicago area to earn ShoreTel’s Certified Gold Champion Partner status.  Gregg was also the first Partner in the Chicago area to be contact center/call center certified, having installed more than 800 call centers nationwide. We include extensive ShoreTel system training for end users and administrators, offering unparalleled ShoreTel system ongoing support.

Gregg Communications CEO, Tom Rickert, has served as a member of ShoreTel’s Partner Advisory Council.

“We have promoted ShoreTel as the last telephone system a company would need to purchase because the ShoreTel product grows with you and does not become obsolete,” Rickert said.

For instance, included with the ShoreTel support agreement, all customers are entitled to software upgrades, which Gregg normally provides for clients at least once per year without any additional charges. This enables our company to keep our customers up to date with the latest enhancements to their communications systems.

Additionally, ShoreTel has recently introduced a totally new platform called Connect, which ShoreTel has also included as part of customer support agreements.  Existing customers can migrate to this new software at no additional cost.  Most other manufacturers in our industry would require a “forklift upgrade” which would carry a significant cost for replacing equipment, installation, business process changes, and training staff.

Come late September when ShoreTel officially transitions to Mitel, Gregg customers will continue to receive excellent products and services that are backed by an all-star reputation.

“ShoreTel is the number one player world-wide for small to medium size businesses.  They have been a fantastic supplier for us and for our clients," Rickert said.

As ShoreTel transitions into Mitel, we will continue to provide the same level of unified communication support and service to our clients for which Gregg has been well known and recognized over the past 50 years. You can count on our commitment to improved business communications and customer satisfaction for your business without interruption.

Independent surveys and client feedback agree: our obsession for satisfaction sets the industry standard for customer care. Contact Gregg today to learn more