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Gregg Advising Services

Gregg Communications’ sales reps are among the most respected and expert people in the industry today.

Advice backed by experience

The average tenure of the sales people at Gregg is over 19.6 years (versus the industry average of 18 months). Plus, our team is familiar with each of our partner suppliers. This background enables our sales professionals to thoroughly review each customer application. They can provide expert analysis and offer recommendations based on customer needs and goals. 

Is it time for a "technology check-up?"

We offer a free consultation to help our customers review existing systems. We compare the results with a report of how the latest technology can improve customer service and increase employee productivity.

Contact Gregg today to schedule an appointment for your “technology check-up”. 

The Gregg team is proactive in advising me of new solutions and products that may be of value to my organization. In addition, their technical team is tenacious in tracking down the root cause of any issues I experience.
— Robin Ross, IT, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy