ShoreTel telephone system helps to minimize effects of the blizzard

After experiencing over 20 inches of snowfall in the Chicago area yesterday, the Chicago Tribune ran an article this morning extolling the virtues of the latest technology, which enabled many companies to eliminate the need for setting up cots in their offices, and requiring their employees to spend the night away from home and their families, at a time when they really might have been needed at home.

We are pleased that our ShoreTel telephone system worked beautifully for Gregg Communications.  Many of our employees already had ShoreTel telephones installed in their homes, and those that did not were able to utilize the flexible features of the ShoreTel system to easily re-direct calls to cell or land lines.  The result is that for Gregg Communications, it was business as usual!

We were able to provide the immediate response that our customers have come to expect, without endangering the lives of our employees, by asking them to make what would have been a treacherous trek to our offices.  Many of our ShoreTel customers also benefitted from these features.   

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