Results of the Net Promoter Scores for various VoIP vendors according to independent research

Gauging customer loyalty reveals if a solution effectively meets, or even exceeds expectations, as well as a vendor's ability to resolve problems if they occur. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an excellent tool that is available to companies who are interested in, and committed to, customer satisfaction. While the senior management team at ShoreTel has describes themselves as being "obsessive" about customer satisfaction, this focus has made a truly positive impact on ShoreTel's NPS scores. Making ShoreTel's results even more impressive is comparing them on a relative scale with the other major competitors in the VoIP telephone system space. Following are these NPS results according to independent research.

Gregg Communications' management team stresses customer satisfaction daily. In fact, we believe this is so important that all of our employees are compensated based upon the results of the survey. This is how focused Gregg Communications is on providing a great customer experience. Our employees are charged with doing everything they can to take care of our clients and the results indicate we are doing a very good job! Following are the Gregg Communications' NPS results from independent research.