What Mitel's Partnership with Google Cloud AI Means for Contact Centers

Customer experience is one of the most important competitive aspects of business today. With so many customers turning to online support models, businesses looking to ensure customer satisfaction without steep labor costs are challenged to find innovative ways to integrate 24/7 online customer support through omnichannel contact centers.

Rising to meet this challenge, Mitel announced in July of this year a new partnership with Google Cloud Contact Center Artificial Intelligence to bring next-generation web chat features to all Mitel Omnichannel Contact Centers, including MiContact Center Business, MiContact Center for Enterprise, MiVoice Connect Contact Center and MiCollab Contact Center.

In case you haven’t seen the incredible demonstration from Google I/O earlier this year, the Google AI demonstrates a surprisingly human grasp of language through Google’s unique natural language processing and uses machine learning to expand its capabilities and knowledge over time. Google’s AI has become one of the most sought-after enterprise AI tools on the market.

The sophisticated new feature will offer more personalized and intelligent customer experience, giving even small enterprises a polished, affordable and powerful contact center that requires very little technical expertise. With the offering available across multiple Mitel Contact Center platforms, it truly helps to level the playing field for enterprises wanting a simple and flexible webchat feature.

The contact center will not only offer the AI-powered virtual agent to enable more intelligent customer self-service but will also offer an AI agent assist which allows easy transfer of customer inquiries to live agents with full context and continued AI support to provide the agent with real-time assistance, coaching and research. It also includes powerful analytics, to offer companies valuable insights to enhance their products and services on an entirely new level.

Here’s an example of how it works: When a customer visits your site and uses the webchat feature of your contact center, the Google AI will interpret their text intelligently and use conversational speech processing to understand the intent and the question being asked. They will then source the answer in the knowledge base and provide an answer to your customer.

In situations when the chat bot is unable to determine the answer or is not confident in its interpretation, it will bring in one of your live agents to manage the interaction. What makes the new feature different from other companies using AI is that once the representative joins the conversation, the Mitel Contact Center chat bots remain in the conversation, learning and assisting the live agent. The bot will coach and support the agent by retrieving information once it understands the question and will gain new, useable knowledge from the experience. Agents will have the option of choosing to maintain only live contact with your customers while still being able to leverage the speed and intelligence of AI.

Mitel’s new AI contact center feature is expected to roll out in Q1 of 2019. As a Mitel partner, Gregg Communications can help you determine the best contact center option for your business to gain access to this incredible new feature. Contact us for more details.