Providing a Great Customer Experience is Priority #1

Gregg Communications strives to provide a customer experience you won’t receive anywhere else. Over the years, we have remained one of the top Mitel, formerly ShoreTel, vendors with incredible customer service. In fact, we have taken over maintenance agreements for more than 60 ShoreTel clients who were unhappy with their last vendor’s customer service and reached out to us for help.

At Gregg, customer needs are our #1 priority even ahead of our own profits and gains. Gregg Communications’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction rating of 92.49 was reached with our e3 approach to customer satisfaction – customers, colleagues and suppliers will Experience Excellence from Experts on every interaction.

We sat down with Jim Van Wolvelear, new Senior Account Executive at Gregg Communications, to learn more about how Gregg Communications achieves and maintains its high level of service to customers. Although he just joined Gregg in February, Jim brings 37 years’ experience to Gregg Communications and has been an industry colleague of Gregg’s executive team for over 30 years.

What brought you to Gregg Communications?

Jim: Thirty years ago, I worked at a company that didn’t offer call center support or implementation. At that time, Gregg was focused on call centers, so I would recommend them to my customers because I knew they would be taken good care of by Gregg. Then, 15 years ago Gregg became part of ShoreTel which I also was involved with, so we would see each other at conferences and trainings.

We started talking about me coming to Gregg about a year ago, and the more I heard about the way they treat their clients, the more I felt like it was a good home for me.

What makes Gregg Communications’ service stand out?

Jim: The service department  doesn’t just assume the customer is happy. They make sure the customer is happy. We proactively follow up to make sure the solution we provided was actually corrected from the customer’s perspective – not just from the Gregg employee’s perspective.

There is a lot of expertise here. Technology is always changing, and it takes a lot of effort to stay on top of the technology. It’s easy to get complacent with your existing clients and let them call you to let you know if they want to do something or are having an issue. Whereas, with Gregg, we proactively reach out to the customer to make them aware of new upgrades and enhancements that can be done. And, even though there’s not a lot of revenue in that, it makes for a happier, long-term customer.

The average employee tenure at Gregg is also remarkable. We can back up our service claims with the number of years’ experience and certifications our team has. The service team doesn’t have to look up answers or rely on a third party to get an answer or solution for customers. Having enough people with enough experience to answer questions quickly makes a big difference as opposed to having to make multiple calls to get an answer for customers. Our customers don’t have to wait for answers.

For example, we had a client with a unique requirement that was a challenge, but it was a requirement that had to be met. Otherwise they weren’t going to be able to resolve their internal problems with their clients. The brainstorming that was done to come up with creative solutions in house as opposed to needing to go out and find other experts in the industry to help was very refreshing. It was refreshing to see that happen.

What is important for new prospects to know about Gregg Communications?

Jim: Every company talks about how great their service is. So, it’s really critical to help the client understand that we don’t just say it, we actually live it. We give specific examples to back that up. Our numbers prove that we provide the level of support we say we will. It’s the prospect’s responsibility to do due diligence to make sure what they’re hearing is reality as opposed to a spin that makes a company, person or product sound much better than what they actually will experience.

What do you hope never changes at Gregg Communications?

Jim: Their passion for service. The support Gregg provides is world-class. It’s fun to work for them.


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