Work-from-Home Phone Systems Increase Flexibility, Satisfaction and Productivity

Forward-leaning businesses used to adopt communications technologies that let them do business from anywhere. But, the latest advances in cloud-based phone systems allow you and your employees to do business seamlessly from everywhere.


Doing business from everywhere is an evolution in workplace mobility. You can be more flexible with your employees – allowing remote work arrangements that increase satisfaction and retention. And, you can maintain uninterrupted productivity and complete control over internal and outward-facing communication while you and your team are out of the office or on the move.


Work from Home Means Productive Employees

Almost as difficult as finding good employees is keeping them. An increasingly essential component of employee recruitment and retention strategies is to offer full or partial remote work arrangements.


One of the primary concerns most of our clients have when evaluating remote work options is a loss of productivity. Instead, we have observed the opposite both within our four virtual walls and among our clients. Not only does productivity not decrease; in many cases it increases, along with morale, for several reasons:


  •      Less stress from the commute.

  •          Remote workers can completely personalize their workspace.

  •         No tendency to skip out early to avoid rush hour.

  •         It’s easy to sit down for a few minutes and catch up or get ahead once the kids are put to bed.

  •          A visit from the repair person becomes a seamless part of the workday rather than requiring a long

    lunch or a vacation day.


At Gregg Communications we can attest firsthand to the benefits of flexible workspace. We have recruited and retained several valued, highly qualified techs by offering full or partial remote work arrangements. Moreover, when temperatures dropped below -20 in Chicago during this past winter, we had all our employees work from home with no planning or costly deployment of new tech.


We gained valuable employees and avoided shutdowns and disruptions by adopting a phone system that also benefited our in-office team.


Work-from-Home Phone Systems are Better for Business

In this challenging recruitment market, offering remote work arrangements would be worth it if it only improved employee satisfaction and retention. It enables smaller companies to compete for and retain the same talent as larger ones.


However, with the right communications technology solutions, the benefits extend throughout your business operations. Here are a few of the benefits of new premise-based and cloud phone systems.


Outbound call routing

Your employees can make calls from their personal phones wherever they are, and your prospects and customers will see your business’s caller ID as though the call originated from an on-site desk phone. This solidifies the relationship between the customer and your business.


Documenting customer interactions

When integrating your phone system with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application like Salesforce, you can effortlessly document all communications between your employees and departments and a particular client. This record helps you provide better customer service and avoid the loss of institutional memory when an employee transitions out.


Reduced cost of calls

Advanced phone systems process offsite calls through the internet for outbound call routing and documenting customer interactions. Because everything occurs online, you can avoid costly long distance and international charges when your employees are on a home or hotel Wi-Fi connection.


Complete real-time directories

Not only do advanced phone systems make appropriate prospect and customer information available throughout your organization, your employees and supervisors can monitor calls in real time and access specific numbers and extensions to answer or make calls from everywhere.


The communications technology solutions powering this evolution are surprisingly affordable. Businesses enjoy greater employee satisfaction and retention as well as a slew of productivity and savings benefits.


Give us a call at 630-706-8222 or email Gregg Communications and we’ll help you start doing business from everywhere.