New Year, Same Reliable Company

There is something to be said for a new year. A clean slate. A fresh budget. New possibilities in every department. The promise of innovation, change and improvement coming from every direction while businesses look for ways to increase their stability.

2017 wrapped up with quite a bang in our industry when office phone system provider Mitel acquired our primary vendor, ShoreTel. It left our clients asking questions about what the move meant for them. Our answer is a resounding affirmation that it is still business as usual at Gregg Communications. Your customer agreement is still valid, and we will continue to support your ShoreTel phone system for as long as you have it. Gregg Communications is committed to minimizing any impact on your business this transition may have. 

As ShoreTel transitions into Mitel, we continue to provide the same level of service and support to our clients. You can count on our commitment to improving business communications without interruption. Whether we work with ShoreTel or Mitel, we will offer network assessments, project management, systems implementation, training and ongoing support to our clients, no matter what industry or size they might be.

Last year, we also marked our golden 50th anniversary. You don’t get to be a 50-year-old telecommunications provider in Chicago without weathering a few changes. Gregg Communications has been in business since before the landmark ruling that allowed other devices to be connected to AT&T’s phone lines. Our strong legacy has resulted in thousands of customers having telephone systems and call centers nationwide.

It’s this consistent dedication to our customers and to our community that explains why we have a Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) of 92.39 which we’ve maintained for more than 14 years. A feat that even ShoreTel CEO Don Joos remarked “exceeds what is considered a world-class level of professionalism and customer care in the industry.” That’s something that doesn’t change as Mitel absorbs ShoreTel, because it’s a core part of who we are at Gregg Communications.

We maintain such a score by taking care of our employees as well as we take care of our customers. The average tenure of a Gregg Communications employee is over 10 years, with the sales staff averaging over 18 years. Our staff is passionate and committed to customer satisfaction – and we are committed to our team.

Lastly, we look forward to new opportunities to give back to the community we serve, year-round, with charity donations, fundraisers and hands-on involvement across multiple organizations. We are grateful that 2017 was no different. Already in 2018, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to donate to Horizons for Youth, an organization near and dear to our hearts that mentors and enriches students in the Chicago area.

At Gregg Communications, a new year means new ways of advancing our customer goals through exceptional communications and support. And, it means new opportunities for serving the community. For it is these principles that allowed us to celebrate 50 years of service and will drive us toward our next 50 years.