Gregg Communications looks forward to 50 more years in telecommunications

Imagine showing up at work and having no computer and no phone at your desk. You reach into your pocket and pull out your smartphone, but there’s no service. Actually, there’s no smartphone either.

Can most of us even imagine what life would be like today if we had to give up technology? That's like the adult equivalent of monsters under the bed.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to making sure that bad dream never becomes a reality. It’s all-star companies like Gregg Communications, who have been supplying telecommunications services nationwide since 1967 – well before the days of Internet and technology we know today.

And, while the days of products like Code-A-Phone and Carterfone are long gone, they paved the way for Gregg to evolve over its 50 years in business. This required Gregg to adapt to meet customer demands and stay one step ahead of technology.

For many years, the telecommunications industry was monopolized by AT&T. In 1968, one year after Gregg Communications started in business, the Federal Communications Commission made a landmark ruling known as the Carterfone decision, which allowed equipment from other manufacturers to connect directly to AT&T telephone lines. After this ruling, the market opened up to include numerous devices, i.e. answering machines, fax machines, telephone systems, etc. These and other products could now connect directly to telephone lines which was a game changer for companies like Gregg Communications.

That’s when business really took off.

“From the time our founders, George Gregg, Dick Glennie and Jim O’Donnell started, they built a solid foundation, and we have continued their legacy,” reflects Tom Rickert, CEO of Gregg Communications.

This strong legacy has resulted in thousands of telephone systems and hundreds of call centers installed for Gregg Communications’ customers nationwide.

Today, Gregg Communications provides a wide array of innovative communications services ranging from network assessments, project management, system implementation, training and ongoing support, and everything in between to clients in a range of industries. Rickert says there have been a lot of highlights over the years, but the thing he's most proud of is the company’s longstanding commitment to customer satisfaction.

Gregg’s customer satisfaction is measured by the globally recognized Net Promoter Score index and is based upon annual surveys conducted by an independent third party.  As of December 31, 2016, Gregg’s Net Promoter Score is 92 on a scale in which a score of 50 or greater is considered to be providing “world-class” customer satisfaction. The commitment that Gregg has made to comprehensive training for its sales, technical support and customer service teams has enabled Gregg to exceed the stringent platinum status certification levels, resulting in the outstanding NPS results.

“We have just recorded our 49th consecutive quarter of significantly exceeding the ‘world class’ customer satisfaction level,” Rickert explains. “Our commitment to the customer is something we cover with our staff on a continual and consistent basis in our meetings and our performance, and we're very focused on making sure our customers have an outstanding experience.”

The outstanding experience doesn’t just apply to customers. The average tenure of Gregg Communications’ employees is greater than 10 years, and the sales staff average is over 18 years. This longevity is a true testament to their passion, commitment and customer satisfaction of the services they are providing.

“We’re always trying to be on the leading edge of technology, not the bleeding edge,” Rickert says. “So, we're always looking, listening and talking with customers about where they see things going, and what we should be reviewing for their businesses. We work diligently to build longstanding relationships with our clients.”

Gregg Communications has offices in downtown Chicago and suburban Lombard. Gregg is an integral part of the communities in which they are basedGregg supports various local organizations like Horizons for Youth Scholarship Mentoring Community, Pillars, Seeds of Hope, Dream to Reality, Chicago Lights, Mustard Seed Community, The Chicago Community Trust, Bright Pink, The American Cancer Society and many more.

Gregg Communications is looking forward to the next 50 years in business. It’s sure to be a very exciting time as the communications industry explodes even further.

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