The High Cost of Doing Nothing About Your Office Phones

When was the last time you upgraded your office phone system? Seven years ago? Ten years ago? Or was it so long ago you’re not quite sure?  Your aging phone system may be costing more than you think. Not only do you have higher resource costs, maintenance costs and infrastructure costs, you also have outdated features, limited mobility capabilities, and fragmented applications and tools. The total costs of not having an up-to-date office phone system are staggering when you add them up.

An updated office phone gives your customers, staff and business the best possible experience.

Customer experience. The right phone system isn’t just any cloud phone, it’s one that gives your customers a single, simplified way to manage their phones, contacts, instant messaging, conferencing, scheduling and video.

Team efficiency.  With technology as easy as making a phone call, your team has the ability to check for presence, search for experts, send a quick instant message, turn messages into a call, add participants, share desktops and get problems solved quickly.

A secure and reliable phone solution for your business. Making sure a hacker doesn't tap calls on a Wi-Fi hot spot and a plethora of any other security concerns go out the window with features like Secure-Real-Time Transfer Protocol (SRTP). This delivers the highest call quality, phones that are always up and running, reliable service and an optimally balanced network.

Upgrading Your Phone Saves Money

Let’s look at some of the costs of your current (outdated) phone system and how updating your phones can help you lower costs.

 1.     Maintenance costs

Once your warranty expires, your options are limited to a maintenance contract or paying for time and materials. When the manufacturer stops providing replacement parts, you’re stuck sourcing used parts on the internet. And, when you find the right part, you’re left wondering what condition it’s in and how long it might last – what a hassle! You’ll be shopping on eBay for parts.

2.     Moving, adding, or changing lines

Scaling up and scaling down is part of doing business, and moving is also part of business. You need a provider who is not going to charge you additional fees for each configuration change. Costs of redundant equipment and trunks to ensure your phone system is always on can be significant. With cloud solutions you don’t have additional costs. It’s just always on. Some cloud phones allow your phone to automatically route to a mobile location, adding another layer to your availability.

3.     Voice and data fees for existing services

Being charged extra for more voice, data or other services may be how your current phone solution works but not with Gregg Communications.  A single, predictable, monthly fee allows you to know exactly what you’re paying and makes budget planning a snap.

4.     Carrier contract auto-renewals that lock you in

When is the last time you audited your existing bills? Do you know when your current contract renews?  Most business owners don’t realize their existing carrier contracts auto-renew 60 to 90 days before the contract anniversary, triggering early termination fees if you switch providers before the next renewal date.

Soft Costs You Didn’t Factor In

 Delays and missed deadlines

With all the other priorities and responsibilities in-house staff have on their plate, it can take longer than necessary to complete simple moves, additions or changes. Adding new features, if they’re supported, can lead to significant delays and there may be unplanned expenses. Whether your in-house team needs a feature that wasn’t purchased or requires additional training to implement the feature, you’re left with more surprises and delays.

Quality of service

Bad quality equates to a bad customer experience. Don’t have your customers experience poor connections, blocked calls and other frustrating call issues that cause them to question the quality of your own offerings.

Opportunity Costs

Putting off moving to the cloud because you’re focused on other things such as core business? Why not focus on your core business priorities and let an expert move your phone system to the cloud?

Some cloud phone solutions make these costs obsolete. What becomes relevant is having modern technology to support your business and your customers. As a hosted managed VoIP phone service, you can choose a service plan that fits your needs and your budget without all of the hard costs, soft costs and opportunity costs.    


How much are you wasting on an outdated phone system? Gregg Communications has been serving Greater Chicago businesses for over 50 years with exceptional solutions and service. Contact us online or at 630-706-8222.